Dealing with hormones 101

Hey everyone! My name is Liz and I’m so excited to start posting on this blog!!

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We all (hopefully) know that hormones when you’re about to get your period get even crazier then the normal teen ones.

For me I get angry really fast, I share a room with my sister so if she leaves something out during that time then I’ll blow up. Most of my friends get really sad and just cry for random reasons.

I’m going to start with some tips on how to lessen hormone effects to begin with and then dealing with your emotions.

Stay away from sugar and persvitives

Girls, I can’t tell you how much of a difference this will make. Even if it’s just the week or two before your period it will lessen cramps as well.


Doing maybe 30 minutes of intense exercise can really help, maybe go for a run or do some jumping jacks or do a workout.

Get enough sleep

A full 9-10 hours of sleep can work magic. The mix of not enough sleep and hormones… let’s just say it doesn’t turn out well.

Try to stay away from stress

Obviously stress isn’t really something we can control, but try your best to stay out of anything you know will cause you stress. Or if you are putting something off that is causing you stress, take care of it. Read this post by Hattush to help with that.

Dealing with your emotions

First off breathe, you’re probably think “how basic” but I’m not kidding. Taking a few deep breathes can really help.

Be aware. Watch yourself closely. Most of the time after you blow up then nothing can stop you…

Step out of the room, just step out maybe say a prayer asking God to help you control yourself. If this isn’t possible try closing your eyes or looking at the ground.

If you do end up blowing up then let yourself, but still make sure you aren’t causing permanent damage. Like yelling mean things that can stick with people and leak into their doubts and insecurities. Always ask for forgiveness after, whether it was your fault or not you did blow up and most likely hurt someone. In the cause where “blowing up” is just randomly crying sometimes it’s nice to let your friends, or whoever you are around, that they didn’t do anything wrong. Because from experience I know that when you see someone breakdown then I immediately blame myself.

I hope this post helps you guys! Feel free to chat down below with any advice or questions! 😉 I might make a part 2 of this post if you guys want to see it!

19 thoughts on “Dealing with hormones 101

  1. Informative post! I never thought about eating less sugar to lessen cramps. I usually get upset or moody during that time of the month and I find it a bit hard to sleep the first day or two. Can’t wait for more posts on this blog!

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  2. Great advice! Personally I blow up and get into fights with everyone about the smallest things. I always feel so bad but I’m too stubborn to apologize, heh…
    I love the idea of praying, I should try that. I never thought to pray about that. 🙃

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  3. Ahh this is such a great guide! 💕 and your signoff is just 😍👌
    One tip I have for dealing with hormones is to pay attention to your reactions! If I’m suddenly blowing up about something that I was totally fine with yesterday, it helps me to recognize that I’m more sensitive today, and that the situation wasn’t actually super upsetting the day before. It helps me to remember that I’ll feel more balanced again soon 💜

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  4. Thanks so much for sharing!!! This really helps!! I’m really excited about this blog!! It’s different hearing things from your mom or the doctor, than hearing it from other girls who are going through what you are! (not that i don’t like hearing from mom, etc. It’s just different!)

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